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H.B. Steele & Son is proud to serve Schuylkill County with superior heating oil delivery to all of its residents. Not only do we provide quality heating oil, but our delivery drivers and servicemen are second-to-none when it comes to promptness and customer service. Know that when you order your oil from H.B. Steele, you are benefiting from nearly 70 years of heating oil expertise.

Your experience with H.B. Steele’s certified technicians and heating oil specialists will leave your family in the safe comfort of expertly handled heating oil delivery in a timely and proficient manner.

Automatic Delivery

Keep your family warm all year round without the hassle of trying to figure out when your next delivery should be, constantly checking the fuel levels in your oil tank. When you enroll in our automatic delivery program, we monitor you fuel levels and deliver you fuel automatically. Enjoy comfort all winter long with our most convenient oil delivery program!

Premium Heating Oil

Rest easy in the knowledge that H.B. Steele only sells clean, treated fuel to ensure that our customers’ equipment will last longer with less likelihood of system failure or breakdown. In fact, our fuel maximizes the efficiency of your heating equipment, saving you money every heating season!

H.B. Steele’s heating oil has the following benefits:

  • Cleans fuel system by removing and dispersing existing sludge
  • Cleans burner nozzle to maintain efficient combustion
  • Protects metallic components in your system
  • Stabilizes fuel in storage
  • Has water control and corrosion protection agents

H.B. Steele’s Added Protection

We at H.B. Steele care about you and your home. We want to give you the tools and knowledge in order to provide maximum performance and lifespan of you heating equipment. For that reason, we recommend additional treatments for heating oil tanks getting on in years which tend to develop problematic sludge.

HOT Treatment

  • Protection during the coldest days of winter
  • Breaks down paraffin wax buildup formed during pour point (which is thetemperature at which fuel becomes semi-solid and loses its flow characteristics)
  • Treatment lowers the pour point, preventing wax and gel buildup

SBG Treatment

  • Eliminates sludge in old tanks in a wet, damp, indoor environment
  • Dissolves sludge in combustible substances to unclog nozzles
  • Assures clean filters and strainers