Things to consider when purchasing a new heating system for your home

A home with ideal energy efficiency is one where the homes heating system is designed and coincides with the demand of the home. For example you cannot have a home heating system that is undersized or oversized for a particular home. An undersized system will run constantly and never keep up with demand and an […]

Not All Heating Oil is the Same…and Coming Changes

Most fuel oil customers do not know, but there is a difference in Heating Oil. At H.B. Steele & Son, we started a premium heating oil treatment program years ago to combat the coming changes to the heating oil specification. As I stated in my last column, Pennsylvania will be the last state in the […]

Key Differences of Heating Oil, Off-Road Diesel Fuel & On-Road Diesel Fuel in Pennsylvania

A common question and misunderstanding that I get from customers all the time is with regard to the difference between heating oil, off-road diesel fuel and on-road diesel. Is there a difference? Yes. The differences between these fuels can have an impact on price, efficiency, taxes and even equipment failure. I am writing this as […]