Heating System Maintenance

When you trust your home to H.B. Steele, you know you can get the best quality service available. Throughout Schuylkill County, we are known as industry leaders in service and performance. When you sign up for our Service Agreement, you know that you will experience:

  • Upwards of 10% savings in energy costs
  • Increased life expectancy of your equipment
  • Decreased likelihood of breakdown
  • Peace of mind

H.B. Steele offers two different service packages:

Annual Service:

With our Annual Service Plan, rest easy knowing you are covered with:

Annual Service PLUS:

Enjoy peace of mind with Our Annual Service PLUS Plan. This plan includes the perks of the Annual Service Plan plus the following added protective measures:

  • Parts insurance
    • We repair or replace defective parts for the life of the service agreement on over 40 parts
  • Additional allowances
    • Rest easy knowing that you will receive a discount on any of the following items should the equipment fail:
      • Aquastat
      • Burner replacement
      • Hot water heater
      • Oil-fired boiler
      • Oil-fired warm air furnace
      • Zone valve/assembly
      • Programmable thermostats


Keeping your investment in your home is pivotal which is why getting your heating system maintained is one of the most important things you can do for your home. H.B. Steele & Son has qualified HVAC technicians that are not only professional but friendly. We supply superior service and maintenance for your home and all the things inside.

Why maintain your heating equipment:

  • Save up to 10% on heating costs annually
  • Increase the life expectancy of your equipment
  • Decrease system failure likelihood
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a fully maintained heat system

What to expect with our 14-point maintenance:

  1. Thoroughly brush and vacuum the heating unit, flue pipe, chimney base, and draft regulator
  2. Check and replace oil filter cartridge and gaskets
  3. Replace pump strainer and gaskets
  4. Replace nozzle and flush drawer assembly
  5. Properly adjust electrodes and check electrode porcelains
  6. Inspect and clean air tube and combustion head
  7. Test transformer/igniter
  8. Clean and properly align cad cell
  9. Check and lubricate burner motor
  10. Clean burner housing, air inlets, and fan
  11. Check burner coupling for cracks and wear
  12. Inspect circulators and zone valves (lubricate, if needed)
  13. Check control settings and expansion/compression tank for proper system pressure
  14. Perform complete electronic efficiency test adjusting for peak efficiency