The TankSure® Program

Your oil tank is just as important to maintain as your furnace or boiler which is why H.B. Steele & Son offers Schuylkill County the TankSure Program in order to protect you against oil tank failure.

What TankSure Does:

  • Our certified technicians take visual and ultrasonic tests of your oil tank to determine the degree of corrosion that has occurred inside your tank
  • The tests are non-invasive and safe, as well as EPA-approved
  • Approximately 95% of tanks pass this inspection
  • If your approved tank should fail, H.B. Steele will give you $1,000 towards new tank replacement
  • If your tank fails the initial inspection, you will receive $250 towards the replacement of your old tank

Why TankSure?

  • Homeowners’ insurance benefits
  • Protects the environment
  • EPA-approved testing
  • Peace of mind against oil tank failure
  • Avoids costly cleanup and remediation