h.b. steele Electricity

Take advantage of the ability to choose your own electricity supplier. With the deregulation of the electricity supply companies, you now have the option to choose which electricity supplier is best for your home.H.B. Steele offers AMERIgreen Electricity® that that your home or commercial property with reliable and inexpensive electricity.

Why make the switch:

  • Lower your electricity costs without disrupting or compromising your current electricity.
  • There are NO FEES or penalties when you switch suppliers.
  • Only the SUPPLY end of your electricity changes, your utility provider doesn’t change.
  • There are no disruptions in service – you never need new wires or rigging to your house.
  • You still contact your electric provider when there are outages/electric problems.
  • You can lock-in a great rate allowing for better predictability of your energy costs.
  • There are green electricity options available.

Signing up is easy.

Simply have your account information ready, sign up online, or call (888) 559-4567, and choose your service! We will take care of the rest. It’s that simple!

For our commercial customers, click here to get your quote.